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An Honest Conversation about Islam, Terrorism and Extremism 23. nov 2016 Maastricht University


S&D went to the Nederlands, Maastricht University to attend the event "An Honest Conversation about Islam, Terrorism and Extremism"

The Ambassador Lecture Series invited – Ajmal Masroor (British Imam, Broadcaster and Politician), Nicola Benyahia (Founder of Families For Life) and myself; Karolina Dam (Founder of Sons and Daughters of the World).
Aim to put into perspective the two faces of Islam - its mainstream tradition of tolerance and the radical offshoot that is now struggling for control of the whole Muslim world.

I would like to express my gratitude and honour towards Maastricht University,  the "Ambassador Lecture Series" TEAM. Guys - you did a great job and are a very professionel bunch of kids. Driven and determined youth, interested in the world and the issues around you.
A special and warm thank you, to Luca and Costas that have treated us with the utmost respect and love. You guys rock  
This has deffo set the bar high for the next events im going to, from picking us up to and from the airport, making sure we had everything we needed, great hotel, setting up "the round table" where we could have an intemate talk with some of the students, talking everything through with us before and after, sorting the media and interviews.
No, we didn't have time to see Maastricht as such - but i saw it through you guys........ 500 students attending something that is so important to me, asking us questions, listening to our stories, crying with us, and to know that some of you had to call your mothers after the event... thats love.
I want to also thank you for taking good care of Nicola, that only recently went public with her story. It has been a long hard road for her, and i am happy you guys made it special.    

An article written by Amira Eid/Student Journalist for the Observant