VIOMIS AID organisation – Help our brothers and sisters

There is no doubt about the fact that we need to help our brothers & sisters in Syria, Iraq and other places. But we must make sure the right organisations are used, so the most money goes in to the camps and not used for administration fees.
If we were to choose just one organisation to support, it would definitely be VIOMIS AID
These guys work towards helping with aid on so many levels.
The camp they are supporting in Idlib area has 3300 inhabitants, just around 320 families.
VIOMIS supports families in Tyrkey, Gaza, Somalia, Senegal, Yemen, Djibouti, Syria, Zanzibar, Etiopiea and Kenya
Among other projects they also work with youth in Denmark and are a creating activities that discourage crime, gang formation and social isolation to counterweight extremism that will provide something for youth to do.

Please support them, like we do.
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