Heartbreaking stories that brave mothers & fathers have gone public with #mothers4life & #fathers4life

BBC News "An extremist in the family" *Nicola Benyahia's story

NRK/Brennpunkt Nowiegen "Captured by ISIS" *Fatima's story & Ruth's story

TV2/Play /Danish "Fra højskoleelev til hellig krig"  *Lone Kristensen
Book, "Victors valg - en mors beretning" written by *Lone Kristensen & Stig Matthiesen

RTBF /French  "Tout ça ne nous rendra pas le Congo Le djihad des mères" with * Geraldine, Véronique

Kalla Fakta 101115 / Swedish/English subtitles "Mit barn är en IS-soldat"  * Karolina, Jessica, Christianne, Valérie

Brennpunkt 031115 /Norwegian "My son, the Foreign Fighter"  A Mother tells the story of her son Thom and a Father * Isa Avdyli also talks about his son. They both died in Syria.

Truevisiontv 201015/ English "My Son The Jihad" * Sally Evans

CCTV-America 091015 / English " The mothers of ISIL fighters" with * Christianne & Karolina

Jyllandsposten 260915 - TV2 /Danish * Janne & Jesper

Video Rai.TV/200115 - Video Rai.TV/ 280915/Italian * Carlo Delnevo

Huffington Post 120815 /English * 6 mothers from 5 countries tell there stories Arabic here

Dagbladet 200615 /Norwegian * Torill

Woman without boarders 230415 * Saida Munye

Politiken 220315/Danish/English subtitles * Karolina Dam

Franceinter /French Aljazeera America 170615 /English * Saliha Ben Ali

The National world 080314 * Dominique Bons

Extreme Dialogue * Christianne Boudreau

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