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Help us Help the Families

please help us help the families whose children have been radicalized.

We are ordinary parents.... just like you, ordinary mothers & fathers, all of which have witnessed a radicalization.
We will not stay quite, we will not be still - we support The Families and we need to stop Extremism.
We are tomorrow
Please support us and donate so we can keep helping the families in need. All contributions are helpful. 

youtube link

Help us help the families - pls donate: paypal or bank
Paypal: 37889652
IBAN: dk 5630004019279340
account: 4019279340
Danske Bank, Vesterbrogade 10, 1620 KBH V, Denmark

An Honest Conversation about Islam, Terrorism and Extremism 23. nov 2016 Maastricht University


S&D went to the Nederlands, Maastricht University to attend the event "An Honest Conversation about Islam, Terrorism and Extremism"

The Ambassador Lecture Series invited – Ajmal Masroor (British Imam, Broadcaster and Politician), Nicola Benyahia (Founder of Families For Life) and myself; Karolina Dam (Founder of Sons and Daughters of the World).
Aim to put into perspective the two faces of Islam - its mainstream tradition of tolerance and the radical offshoot that is now struggling for control of the whole Muslim world.

I would like to express my gratitude and honour towards Maastricht University,  the "Ambassador Lecture Series" TEAM. Guys - you did a great job and are a very professionel bunch of kids. Driven and determined youth, interested in the world and the issues around you.
A special and warm thank you, to Luca and Costas that have treated us with the utmost respect and love. You guys rock  
This has deffo set the bar high for the next events im going to, from picking us up to and from the airport, making sure we had everything we needed, great hotel, setting up "the round table" where we could have an intemate talk with some of the students, talking everything through with us before and after, sorting the media and interviews.
No, we didn't have time to see Maastricht as such - but i saw it through you guys........ 500 students attending something that is so important to me, asking us questions, listening to our stories, crying with us, and to know that some of you had to call your mothers after the event... thats love.
I want to also thank you for taking good care of Nicola, that only recently went public with her story. It has been a long hard road for her, and i am happy you guys made it special.    

An article written by Amira Eid/Student Journalist for the Observant



im sorry, but the "joke jail term" is a JOKE and he is laughing his head off.


Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Mizanur Rahman have just recived there sentence sep. 6th. and i am in shock!!! My son is dead because Anjem has been spreading his shit all over the world. Abusing our sons & daughters and taking advantage of our kids, pushing them towards a fight they cant win. Tricking our kids to think they are real muslims, that they in fact are on a mission from Allah(SWT). But they are not. The majority of western syrien fighters havn't even read the qur'an. They have been taught what they know from the recruiters.

is 5½ years really enough.... pls take a look at our Thunderclap and support us.  click here

Le jour des fête des mères en Tunisie

« Association de Sauvetage des Tunisiens Bloqués à l'Etranger » organise avec la coopération de « Association des Mamans des disparus » une manifestation de festivité en deuil , le :
Dimanche 29 mai 2016 à partir de neuf heures du matin (09h 00 ') devant le théâtre municipal de Tunis.
>> La façon de La festivité en deuil : c’est de Porter un foulard Blanc par les mères ,similaire, a la méthode de l'Association Argentine : "Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo"
** Invitation est ouverte à tous.

Kind Regards,
Mohamed Iqbal BEN REJEB
President and Founder of Association
Rescue Association of Tunisians Trapped Abroad (RATTA)
RATTA on Facebook
RATTA on Twitter
Phone: (00216) 24.750.650


FATE, Families against Terrorism and Extremism

We "Sons and Daughters of the World" are proud to support Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE) in empowering families to build resilience against Daesh.
We're holding an inaugural FATE summit in Paris Thursday 28th april and Friday 29th april and our NEW Thunderclap will launch around the world at 0925 CET.
It's free and easy to join the clap. Just click the link and join on Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr. Friday morning we will all tweet together, and our thunder saying #ENOUGH to Daesh will echo around the globe as day 2 of the summit kicks off in the City of Lights just 6 months after the terrorist attacks that killed 130 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Pls help us by spreading the word of FATE with including some of the youtube videos.
FATE youtube - I Wish Life (English Subtitles)
FATE youtube - Ghosts
FATE youtube - Look Closely
FATE youtube - Dinner Table

- Follow FATE on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
- Share and retweet FATE posts and videos to your followers.
- Send content to your friends and networks.
- Keep the conversation going

OUTREACH – these guys deserve a mention

These great guys deserve some support . Its a danish compagny and they are dedicated in there work and have many years of experience with radicalisation on all levels and together they contribute to the visibility and work efficiently towards defeating radicalisation. At the same time they work intentst to upgrade employees , parents and authorities in order to navigate and tackle the difficult and complex tasks.

OUTREACH_logo go check it out.

New report: The local environment is crucial in the fight against radicalization and extremism

a very good read 😉
Local environment must be given priority in the fight of radicalization and violent extremism in Denmark. It proposes a new report from TrygFonden and CERTA.

The attacks against Krudttønden and the synagogue in Copenhagen and the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 emphasized what radicalization and extremism can lead to, and why it is so important to prevent, contain and counteract. Radicalization and violent extremism is not only a threat to public safety and the fundamental values ​​on which Danish society is based. It also creates insecurity and dissatisfaction in schools, neighborhoods, communities and social forums on the Internet.

A large study of what helps build resilience against radicalization and violent extremism in local communities, conducted by analytical and advisory firm CERTA Intelligence & Security A / S. The survey results are published in cooperation with Tryg Foundation report "Resilience against radicalization and violent extremism".

The report makes a number of constructive suggestions for the actors and structures that can best contribute to countering radicalization of young people.


Sons&Daughters and Mothers4Life in Beirut. March 1. 2016

The May Chidiac Foundation invited us to attend a conference in Beirut to talk about our positions as mothers of radicalized kids. This was a treat to attend, such an important conference with so many brave and strong women and a privilege to be a part of.
We thank MCF for taking such good care of us mothers and hope to be a part of future projects. Thank you May, you are a true inspiration.

Organized by the May Chidiac Foundation to be held annually in the first week of March and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, “Women on the Front Lines” is a conference about women who have inspired change and leadership in the fields of media, business, human rights, film industry, and public affairs. It’s a resource packed day featuring local, regional, and international women role models discussing their success and failures, as well as providing conference attendees, both men and women, with tips on how to take the road less traveled and make a decision.

May Chidiac Foundation on web and on Facebook

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Finn Nørregaard Association 140216

Sunday Febuary 14th Finn Nørregaard Association held a conference at the Parliament in Copenhagen.
Sons&Daughters/Karolina Dam was invited to give a small presentation and a panel debate with 2 other organisations, Fisken and Street Society.
Karolina Dam received kr. 20.000 ( approx 2680 € ) for a 1 year working grant towards projects to help with awarness and prevention on radicalization.
Fisken was also granted kr. 20.000, Street Society was granted kr. 50.000 and received the prestigious 'Finn Nørregaard Prize'
Highlights from the conference

Febuary 14th is the anniversary of the dreadfull "Copenhagen Shootings", a cruel act that had Denmark in fear in 2015.
Finn Nørregaard and Dan Utzan whom both did an act of heroism, tried selflessly to stop the grusom terror act commited by Omar El Hussein that ended with costing them their lives.

We thank Finn Nørregaard Association from the bottom of our hearts, that they reached out to us and it was an honor to be part of the hole day to express our sympathy and love for Finn and Dan.

We are very proud to be invited not only to participate the anniversary and to receive funds as it means recognition of the hard work through out the last year but also the importance of continuing the work and now we have the opportunity to do some projects for families who are the ones left behind. We must take care of the survivors and ensure that their needs will be covered. It's a very violent process that the parents have to go through and it is our goal that they wont go through it alone. With love, care, lots of coffee and absolutly no judgment, we work to create space for them, where they can not only understand what is going on, but also have the sence that they are not going through it by them selves.
The parents needs are very different from each other as we all grief in our own way, therefore we must have a broad approch.

For the parents whom are going through close hand radicalization, it's very important that the consequences of the hole radicalization proces is in focus.
It is important that we work as early as possible to spot, inspect and work together to help these kids out of the process they are in. We need social rehabilitation, we need to help them back to the community, show them meaningful projects that they can be a part of and also be proud of.

It is our belief that Omar El Hussein could have been anyones child and that his act could have been prevented if "we knew what was going on" and if he therfore was in a derad. program. We need to understand the narratives, need to learn from our mistakes and we definitely need to work harder on saving these kids.


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