Merete Münster

Gangcrime and radicalization.
Seven years ago, my life took a drastic turn, when I learned that my son had approached the gang environment. He was 17 at the time, and until then had not been known to the social authorities.
Neither his father nor I had any knowledge of the path he was taking.
I was a very unhappy and desperate mother, who needed all the help and support I could find in order to pull my son away from the unhealthy circles he was apparently drawn towards.

Today I have established a network for parents whose youngster has gone astray. I wish to support and help other families in similar situations.
We meet in an environment where no parent meets with judgements, and no opinions or feelings are forbidden. These are parents who are alone with their sorrow, fear and frustrations, when their children go astray. They are desperate parents, who may find it hard to function in everyday life , because the situation affects them psychologically. When a young person goes astray, the whole family is affected.

My most important mission is to break the stigma of being parents to such a young person. It can happen in any family. Not just in particular groups in society.
Today, I receive great acknowledgement for my initiative. I have made several talks in forums for these subjects. Furthermore, the parent network has been nominated by the police in Copenhagen for the crime prevention award. And other sections of authority have also shown the network appreciation by allocating funds.
Experts, politicians, scientists and others often comment. Now you have the opportunity to hear the parents perspective on the subject of the problem of young people being drawn towards extreme/extremistic environments.

Regards Merete Münster

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