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    how come when ever the talk is about martyrs, foreign fighters, terrorists, youth attempting to leave to Syria/Irak – we only talk about putting them in jail?
    How on earth is throwing them in jail going to help them? They are brainwashed – that means their brain has been changed and that they are sick. By only throwing them in jail, we are enforcing the hole ideology and will only make sure that they STAY radicalized.
    Yes, we need drastic measures but we still need to help THEM right? We can’t abandon them in their most troubled times.

    And what about the recruiters? We all talk about our youth being recruited online – thats not true. A lot of youth have been contacted by men around the hometowns, whom have used a long time to remodel the young boys and girls “motherboard”
    WHY are we letting them get away with it? How come we aren’t doing everything possible on getting the one’s responsible prosecuted? Why aren’t we “calling them out”. Some of them are involved in terror cases yet we still don’t have enough evidence. Boys and girls have left, some are dead, some are never coming home again – is that not enough to open our eyes?

    We are the parents and we are terrified that our kids have left. For those parents with kids that are still alive – they are waiting for the martyr post to come, hoping it won’t, hoping and praying their kids find a way back on the right path. Knowing that their kids will be killed for trying to leave.
    For those parents that have experienced the unthinkable – the death of their kids, are lost in another world. Trying to cope with the hole matter, trying to understand why this has happened, trying to cope that a Facebook post is enough evidence that their loved one is dead and yet not enough evidence to receive a death certificate.
    Trying to cope that their kid is involved with IS. Authority not backing them up, helping them to find information on how, what and who.


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    By only throwing them in jail
    ohh so i stumbled on this, written by Dominic Cascian.

    Victims or Criminals
    Things are very complex and if we don’t take obvious issues in consideration on HOW we can HELP these kids – we are just abandoning them. And who’s to say where they will be, when they finely get out of jail. And to what will they get out to?

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