twitter bomb “the real #jihad”

so we have been tweeting a lot this weekend as we need to be heard, we need to stand up and we need to be visible.

because #awareness is key and this needs to stop.
Say NO to jihadi martyrs

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We are Mothers for Life

we are Mothers for Life and we are not going away!

Our kids have been brainwashed by ISIS and we need to help them.

We need to stop Jihadimartyrs and we want them to come home . We cant just chuck them in jail, lock the door and thats it.
They have been brainwashed, there brain has changed and they are sick. They need help. We need to put them in the right GIRDS programs, need to be there for them when they get out of jail. If we don't, we are just keeping them in IS sick ideology and they will stay radicalized. We need to make sure that every son and daughter has their own unique program – built for them, where we get everyone surounded in there lives to participate to ensure a success.
HuffPost Live talk with Karolina Dam on the issues.


the real #jihad

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by using social media we can create some awareness on our issues. What a great thing to do right 😉 We need all the help and support we can get, to #saveourkids.

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S&D banner #jihadimartyrs

awareness is key