OUTREACH – these guys deserve a mention

These great guys deserve some support . Its a danish compagny and they are dedicated in there work and have many years of experience with radicalisation on all levels and together they contribute to the visibility and work efficiently towards defeating radicalisation. At the same time they work intentst to upgrade employees , parents and authorities in order to navigate and tackle the difficult and complex tasks.

OUTREACH_logo go check it out.

New report: The local environment is crucial in the fight against radicalization and extremism

a very good read 😉
Local environment must be given priority in the fight of radicalization and violent extremism in Denmark. It proposes a new report from TrygFonden and CERTA.

The attacks against Krudttønden and the synagogue in Copenhagen and the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 emphasized what radicalization and extremism can lead to, and why it is so important to prevent, contain and counteract. Radicalization and violent extremism is not only a threat to public safety and the fundamental values ​​on which Danish society is based. It also creates insecurity and dissatisfaction in schools, neighborhoods, communities and social forums on the Internet.

A large study of what helps build resilience against radicalization and violent extremism in local communities, conducted by analytical and advisory firm CERTA Intelligence & Security A / S. The survey results are published in cooperation with Tryg Foundation report "Resilience against radicalization and violent extremism".

The report makes a number of constructive suggestions for the actors and structures that can best contribute to countering radicalization of young people.


Sons&Daughters and Mothers4Life in Beirut. March 1. 2016

The May Chidiac Foundation invited us to attend a conference in Beirut to talk about our positions as mothers of radicalized kids. This was a treat to attend, such an important conference with so many brave and strong women and a privilege to be a part of.
We thank MCF for taking such good care of us mothers and hope to be a part of future projects. Thank you May, you are a true inspiration.

Organized by the May Chidiac Foundation to be held annually in the first week of March and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, “Women on the Front Lines” is a conference about women who have inspired change and leadership in the fields of media, business, human rights, film industry, and public affairs. It’s a resource packed day featuring local, regional, and international women role models discussing their success and failures, as well as providing conference attendees, both men and women, with tips on how to take the road less traveled and make a decision.

May Chidiac Foundation on web and on Facebook

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Finn Nørregaard Association 140216

Sunday Febuary 14th Finn Nørregaard Association held a conference at the Parliament in Copenhagen.
Sons&Daughters/Karolina Dam was invited to give a small presentation and a panel debate with 2 other organisations, Fisken and Street Society.
Karolina Dam received kr. 20.000 ( approx 2680 € ) for a 1 year working grant towards projects to help with awarness and prevention on radicalization.
Fisken was also granted kr. 20.000, Street Society was granted kr. 50.000 and received the prestigious 'Finn Nørregaard Prize'
Highlights from the conference

Febuary 14th is the anniversary of the dreadfull "Copenhagen Shootings", a cruel act that had Denmark in fear in 2015.
Finn Nørregaard and Dan Utzan whom both did an act of heroism, tried selflessly to stop the grusom terror act commited by Omar El Hussein that ended with costing them their lives.

We thank Finn Nørregaard Association from the bottom of our hearts, that they reached out to us and it was an honor to be part of the hole day to express our sympathy and love for Finn and Dan.

We are very proud to be invited not only to participate the anniversary and to receive funds as it means recognition of the hard work through out the last year but also the importance of continuing the work and now we have the opportunity to do some projects for families who are the ones left behind. We must take care of the survivors and ensure that their needs will be covered. It's a very violent process that the parents have to go through and it is our goal that they wont go through it alone. With love, care, lots of coffee and absolutly no judgment, we work to create space for them, where they can not only understand what is going on, but also have the sence that they are not going through it by them selves.
The parents needs are very different from each other as we all grief in our own way, therefore we must have a broad approch.

For the parents whom are going through close hand radicalization, it's very important that the consequences of the hole radicalization proces is in focus.
It is important that we work as early as possible to spot, inspect and work together to help these kids out of the process they are in. We need social rehabilitation, we need to help them back to the community, show them meaningful projects that they can be a part of and also be proud of.

It is our belief that Omar El Hussein could have been anyones child and that his act could have been prevented if "we knew what was going on" and if he therfore was in a derad. program. We need to understand the narratives, need to learn from our mistakes and we definitely need to work harder on saving these kids.


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recruiters going behind bars – times are changing

times are deffo changing, and for the good. The only hope now is that other countries follow.

Norway wants to sentence Ubaydullah Hussain to jail under act 147d
This is one of the bigger questions, when we are talking radicalized youth, that haven't been answered and the parents want to know.... WHY are the recruiters not held accountable for their actions?  How can they not have evidence enough, how can we justify what they are doing? Why are they allowed to push our kids towards death?

We need to realize that the recruiters use any methods we allow them to use ..... and that means they won't stop until WE stop them. We need to find other methods, need to change the laws when it comes to terror and radicalization. They have been using these methods for years and nothing will stop until we change it.

We also need to focus on who is "taking care of business" after Ubaydullah Hussain goes to jail. Just because we put him in jail doesn't mean we are done with it, and the problem is solved. There are others in line to do the job.

interview of Ubaydullah Hussain Extremist Ubaydullah Hussain , whom describes himself as the spokesman for the Prophet's ummah , answering support for IS , implementation of Sharia laws in Norway and why Norwegian women should cover themselves.

a documentary recording helps with evidence

International Conference in Denmark

So, S&D went to the conference in Aarhus last week and boy was i blown away.  Not only to see the amount of ppl that found it interesting but blown away with gratitude. I am so grateful to see how much "we" are doing to create awareness. For me, as a mother, to see how many good people that think this is very important, gives me hope that we actually are dealing with the huge problems when it comes to counter terror work.

The conference was held at Centralværkstedet, and i must say... the location/ building was mind-blowing.  😉 And we were deffo taken good care of. Not only was the program full, over the 2 days with important presentations from all over the world.
The food was absolutely gorgeous, lots of backup with the police (thanks guys for taking good care of us).  Great opportunities for networking and without a doubt, one of the best experiences i have had with the issues after my son died.

A big thank you to the guys with there amazing work on making this possible.
xxx Karolina

aarhus conference

Mothers meeting in Bruxelles

so, we are a lot of mothers that have gathered in Bruxelles to connect. We are doing a documentary with a Canadian production company and are filming all sorts of situations, telling our stories. This is mind-blowing….. to have been talking for so many months about our issues, venting, sharing experiences, crying, hugging, and now we are connected. SO STRANGE and then again its feels right.  Its intense and hard work. There is a lot planned for us and its all about getting it all done. We can sleep when we get home.
Mothers for Life is doing a very important job on getting awareness, getting key ppl on board.

Thunderclap Foreign Figthers #comeHOMEnow

Mothers from seven countries who have lost their children wrote an open letter to those in Syria and Iraq, to other families and to policy makers. Please share this as widely as possible. We need to be heard.

support the thunderclap here: Foreign Fighters - #comeHOMEnow


Please help and support this Thunderclap - spread the word and lets get heard


  • At the top of the thunderclap page, sign up for the campaign via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or all 3
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Denmarks NEW Deradicalization Program

Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.
February 2015 a new group was formed. A so called "expert group". They were to work on issues regarding radicalization and present the evaluation in august 2015 on what/how they recommended we solve the issues of radicalization. get the files here (in danish)

There are 15 main recommendations, among other things, they recommend strengthening cooperation and coordination between authorities, bind aspects on prevention and more dialogue and cooperation with private organizations.

Sounds good, and it seems to be well covered. A guideline so to speak. So now its a matter of getting it organized. Getting the right ppl for the jobs and setting off. A HUGE amount of resources need to be put in place. This is not an easy job and unfortunately things take time. Implementing the work on a broad scale isn't something that is done on this side of 2015. Many of us know what hasn't worked, what can be better and most of it isn't something new but now we have an evaluation where things are put in place. So lets see what happens 😉


awareness is key