FATE, Families against Terrorism and Extremism

We "Sons and Daughters of the World" are proud to support Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE) in empowering families to build resilience against Daesh.
We're holding an inaugural FATE summit in Paris Thursday 28th april and Friday 29th april and our NEW Thunderclap will launch around the world at 0925 CET.
It's free and easy to join the clap. Just click the link and join on Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr. Friday morning we will all tweet together, and our thunder saying #ENOUGH to Daesh will echo around the globe as day 2 of the summit kicks off in the City of Lights just 6 months after the terrorist attacks that killed 130 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Pls help us by spreading the word of FATE with including some of the youtube videos.
FATE youtube - I Wish Life (English Subtitles)
FATE youtube - Ghosts
FATE youtube - Look Closely
FATE youtube - Dinner Table

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